What You need to Know about #NOOR Songs

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Asim Azhar has won our hearts with his versatile voice and his charming acting skills. His telefilm features Five Original Sound tracks. Here is what you need to know about them:
1. NOOR – Title Song
This melodious title track sets the tone of the telefilm. The song is composed by Asim and Qasim Azhar and written by Uzma Iftikhar. The harmony of the music is complimented by Asim’s vocals.

This upbeat track initiates the film and has the energy to make everyone dance! Asim is completely indulged in his music and we feel his passion through this song. Asim wrote and composed this song as a reflection of his young and energetic lifestyle.

The song pays a tribute to the people who make their dreams come true. These people bring out change and happiness for those around them.

This is a rather slow song that progresses the plot. When Waleed (Asim) and Noor have a misunderstanding, this song reflects their time spent together. It becomes a reminiscence of the relationship they used to have.

When the misunderstandings between Waleed (Asim) and Noor just don’t seem to go away, this is the song that embellishes the scenario. The song is written and composed by Asim himself. His tone and pitch completely changes in comparison to the rest of the songs of the telefilm.

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