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Noor, a Musical Telefilm written by the spell-binding Umera Ahmed is all you’re looking for. This amazing venture is produced under the banner of Eyeconic Productions by Muhammad Adnan Butt and directed by the visionary, Misbah Khalid. Noor is a construct of romance and drama. This fictional masterpiece is embedded with five original sound tracks. These sound tracks are sung by the young and talented, Asim Azhar who also happens to be the lead actor. Asim Azhar, with his promising acting skills and sensational vocals, is ready to melt your hearts! Starring opposite him is the diva Noor Khan with her namesake character.

Asim Azhar and Noor Khan are playing the young and chirpy couple of Waleed and Noor. The couple is a contrasting package that endorses love, passion, dedication and struggle very differently. Interestingly, the commonality is their profound affection to music. Waleed aspires to become a musician one day while Noor cannot help but fall in love with melodies. While Noor’s dream is to become a doctor, her humble background restricts her. Her interest in music is what keeps her proactive and motivated to work harder to achieve what she wants.

Their common dedication to music and ability to find peace in it is what binds them together. The two develop an affection for each other shortly after getting acquainted. But the love story isn’t as easy as it sounds! There is another character that happens to lurk around the corner, waiting for her new preys getting closer! Shamama, played by Rayyan Ibrahim, is a character that redefines friendship. Despite being the couple’s mutual friend and beneficiary, she creates misunderstandings between the two.
Shamama is able to drift the couple apart!

Waleed, Noor and Shamama get involved in a love triangle that breaks hearts, feeds egos and reveals true human intent.

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